Friday, July 23, 2010

Dropped the ball

So between working in my hotel room til 1 am and my extreme hangover I
(not surprisingly) dropped the ball on this whole blog thing. I'm sure
everyone has been DEVASTATED about this.

Ps crowded convention center plus hangover equals a cranky Caitlin

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Life is good

The hulk

Doesn't look like much but that's Lou e
What's his face


I have re-emerged

Didn't really get to spend much time at the convention due to a last
minute work emergency. But I am currently enjoying free cocktails with
my friend Jen at the USA syfy party on the roof deck I was staring at
from my hotel room all day

Don't know why I'm surprised

Had to come back to the hotel to work.

Hopping on the Scott Pilgram band wagon


Decided to forgo the 3.5 hour line to get in to Hall H today. I think
I'll just get my angelina jolie fix in people magazine

That's right, professional

What you need at CC...

95% of comic con is waiting in line. Last year I was not prepared and
was incredibly bored. So this year I ditched the purse for a backpack
and loaded it with things to entertain my add mind.

The blackberry is to do work in line not as fun...

Isn't it supposed to be sunny in San Diego?

Cause it's not sunny. It's drizzly, and not that warm. But I'm not going to lie its kinda nice to get away from the oppressive heat of NYC. Been up for a while emailing with work on the east coast. Going to down a cup of coffee and head out to pick up my pass and line up for the first event of the day - Megamind panel with Will Farrell.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Just landed

Complained too soon - ended up having an entire row to myself. Had a
few cocktails, watched some bravo and enjoyed the sunset from the sky.

Off to the hotel

The journey has begun

And it has not been pretty so far. Horrible traffic led to an hour and
a half car ride (why do I always think a car is faster then the
subway?) then got in the SLOWEST security line ever finally making it
to my flight to realize that my seat is in the very last row in the
middle. Fun times fir six hour flight. Also we are going to be delayed
for a while cause of weather and should expect "severe" turbulance
over Kansas.

But it is jetblue, and there is tv!

See you on the left coast

I'm going to Comic Con

I'm heading out to San Diego tonight to attend Comic Con for the next few days for work. Based on my expirience there last year, there is a lot that I feel like is worth sharing with my friends/random internet people (mostly just funny shit but some cool stuff too). I thought that instead of inundating my poor facebook friends with all my random thoughts and updates all week long, i would create a place to share that is voluntary and hopefully doesn't make people want to hide me on their news feed.

Hope you enjoy...